Petropolis: An Unforgettable Visit to the Imperial City


  • Private Tour to Petrópolis, the Imperial City
  • First stop at the former luxourious hotel casino Quitandinha
  • We will visit the ‘Casa do Colono Alemão’ the last original house built by the german settlers
  • The Imperial Museum, former Royal Family’s summerhouse and the Metropolitan Cathedral are also in the itinerary
  • Finally the ‘House of 7 Error’, famous for the intriguing architeture
Why Choose This Tour?
  • If you love history and want to learn more about the Royal Family and Brazil
  • If you already know Rio de Janeiro and want to visit a complete and more peaceful place
  • Get the attention and comfort you deserve with our guided tour
  • When you choose a private tour you visit places at your pace and go to attractions that big excursions don’t go

1 person: US$ 250.00

2 persons: US$ 272.00 (US$ 136.00 per person)

3 persons: US$  285.00 (US$ 95.00 per person)

4 persons: US$ 295.00 (US$ 73.75 per person)

Groups from 5 to 8 persons: US$ 380.00

Groups from 8 to 14 persons: US$ 420.00

For larger groups, please get in touch.


Private air-conditioned vehicle with Driver

Certified Tour Guide

Tickets for Attractions

Roundtrip to Petrópolis

Pickup and Drop-off


Food and Drinks


Payment and Cancellation Policies

50% deposit when booking (credit card) and 50% on the tour day (cash or credit card)

Full refund of the deposit if cancelled more than 72 hours before the tour

No refund if cancelled 72 hours or less before the tour

Best Times for This Tour

We recommend start at 9:00am, but you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things to do in Petropolis?

The main attractions are the Quitandinha Palace, a former hotel-casino built in the 1930s, and the Imperial Museum, the former summer residence of the Imperial family. But the Metropolitan Cathedral, the House of 7 Errors, the Crystal Palace (former winter garden), Santos Dumont House, and a stop in Bohemia, the first brewery in Brazil, are well worth a visit. There are several chocolate shops and many tourists like to buy clothes on ‘Rua Teresa’. Oh, and walking by the city streets, of course. But there is much more to do there. In the end, Petropolis itself is the biggest attraction.

I don’t know if I want to visit the places listed on the tour. Can I change itinerary?

Definitely! This is perhaps the main advantage of private tours, especially ours: flexibility. And these changes can be made even during the tour!

Is Serra dos Órgãos, on the way to Petropolis, very winding? How long is the trip? I’m afraid of getting motion sickness.

It’s winding but I never had cases of motion sickness on the tours to the Imperial City. Although the average drive time to Petropolis is near 1:30h, the ‘Serra dos Orgaos’ part takes about 30 minutes only. If you often feel nauseous, I recommend that you take the steps you normally take to avoid it.

After all, is it really worth visiting Petropolis?

It’s VERY worth it. The city has a totally different atmosphere from Rio, much more peaceful and welcoming. For those who like history, it is Paradise. The buildings from the Imperial times are extremely well preserved and walking by the city streets is a real journey back in time. And it’s extremely safe.

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